The Eternal Hindu Foundation

The Eternal Hindu Foundation aims at enlightening everyone with the true aspects of Hinduism. The prime objective of the Foundation is to empower the Hindus and bind them with the 4 prime pillars of their purpose:

  • Swabhiman

    To protect and invest in their self-esteem.

  • Parakram

    To be gallant and courageous.

  • Parishram

    To be hardworking and persevering.

  • Samriddhi

    To strive for prosperity.

Sanatana Dharma is the most ancient, time tested and indisputable way of living on earth. It also refers to the Eternal Way of Life or Eternal Order.

Abiding by its tradition, Hindus lead their lives in a spiritual way. The foundation believes in making each Hindu aware of this way of living, thus, promotes different online and offline initiatives.

Shashwat Bharatam

The initiative aims at bringing the Hindus together by providing them the knowledge that defines the basic essence of our great nation, Bharat. The whole idea is to spread the awareness of all the social, historical & political elements that are associated with our ancient India.

Shashwat Devalay


Samvad Forum


Board Members

We have an esteemed Board of greatly admired people who come from various walks of society – ranging from spiritual leaders to technology experts and from social activists to industrialists. Under the guidance of Founder, K. N. Govindacharya Ji , they work as a strong team to create policies and initiatives aimed at advancing the Foundation's mission.

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