Shashwat Bharatam is a dedicated initiative to bring the Hindus together by making them aware of the basic essence of our great nation, Bharat. The primary aim is to promote all the social, historical & political elements that are related to our ancient India. Their contextual significance has always carried immense importance since the beginning of time. It is an online platform that spreads awareness and takes up assignments which support Swabhimani Bharat, Parakrami Bharat, Sanatani Bharat, Swawlambi Bharat.

Shashwat Devalay, another initiative of the foundation, aims to connect, empower and synchronize the temples as “Nodal Points” (Kendra) under “2 Ghante Mandir Ke Naam” program. The prime objective is to provide everyone with multiple benefits for body, mind, soul and recreate them from just being Bhakti Kendra to:

Seva Kendra

Sanskar Kendra

Shiksha Kendra

Swarozgar Kendra

International True Indian History Association with Scientific Approach (ITIHASA) is an online forum created under “Eternal Hindu Foundation.” It aims at rediscovering the true chronology and history of ancient India.

The forum is an attempt at making great efforts to promote the research work on the chronology of ancient India in the following two parts:

1. From Manu to Mahabharata – This is a chronological study of Vedic & post-Vedic literature.

2. The chronology of ancient India – This is the study of time from Mahabharata war to the medieval era.

Furthermore, ITIHASA strives to promote the research work on the true chronology of world history under “the mythical epoch of the Christian era” theme. This theme involves finding the roots cause of the chronological problems in the history of the world.