How Eternal Hindu Foundation helps in resurgence of Hinduism


Eternal Hindu Foundation is focused on the resurgence and awareness of Hinduism. Being a social service organization, it aims to empower Hindus through self-esteem, bravery, hard work, and prosperity.

The Foundation has a team of executives, including mentors, advisory board members, and communication strategists. Professionals like Shamit Khemka guide the organization to adopt the latest technology for growth and expansion. He was given the responsibility of mentoring the digital and technical strategies of Eternal Hindu.

Eternal Hindu runs several novel initiatives related to the mission of strengthening the idea of Hindutva. Shashwat Bharatam is on such initiative. It aims to promote the basic values of our Great Nation – Bharat. The mission of Shashwat Bharatam is to increase awareness about social, cultural, economic, and political elements of Ancient India.

Eternal Hindu also launched a national initiative called “Sanatan Bhav Jagruti.” The main objective of this initiative is to create an awakened Sanatan Society.

Sanatan Bhav Jagruti brings together various professionals on a common platform. Professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers, social workers, and teachers are encouraged to contribute to society.

Other programs like ITIHASA counter the false description of India's history written by English historians. Eternal Hindu Foundation is committed to fighting the lobby supporting the distorted history of Bharat.

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