Why Hindu dharma is the world's most profound philosophical tradition?


There has been much discussion about the nature of Hinduism as it is not always easy to understand for the modern person. The vastness and complexity of the Hindu tradition, as well as its differences from western religions, keeps it outside the usual definitions and dichotomies of western thought.

Most current discussions look at Hinduism according to its rituals or social practices.Though the yoga and vedanta side of Hindu dharma has spread worldwide, many people are not aware of how integral these spiritual practices are to the tradition as a whole.

Hindu dharma contains what is probably the worlds oldest and most extensive philosophical tradition, emphasising exalted spiritual philosophies of self realisation and god realisation. Its philosophies have predated and influenced the other philosophies of the world, East and West.

In this regard, we should look beyond the term Hinduism to its original meaning as Sanatana Dharma, which can be translated as the eternal way of knowledge, as the term dharma implies both wisdom and its application.

We should look beyond the idea of Hinduism as a religion like Biblical traditions and examine it as a science of consciousness.(Source: https://www.dailyo.in/)

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